▷ Designed


  For easy installation designed and manufactured.
  suitable with different type of alternator for parallel operation.

▷ Eases Accessibility to Components


  The robust mechanical construction gives good access to the generator output connections and allows  the user to inspect the various components with ease.

▷ Class F Insulation System


  Insulation meterials meet class h requirments and all rotating components are epoxy resins impregnated, higher voltage parts such as stators are vacuum-treated. (Special treatments are available on request)

▷ Voltage Regulator


  1% voltage regulation provided by precise Automatic Voltage Regulator.
  Standard features include inderspeed protection, overxcitation shutdown, stability adjustment to optimize transient performance and full encapsutatio for superior moisture protection.

▷ Optimized Electrical Designs


  All main windings are 2/3 pitch to eliminate third harmonic contem of the output waveform. Main rotor has the amortisseur winding or damper bar.

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